Antique Silver Gugaroo Earrings

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Product Detail:

  • Metal Weight: 32.5 Grams
  • Earrings Length: 7.5 CM
  • Earrings Width: 6.0 CM
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
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Bold and artistic looking, these pieces are crafted in 925 sterling silver. These beautiful long and bold earrings have been designed keeping in mind the Mughal Art and Era and have the touch of royalty. These beauties have been intricately detailed by hand through the chitai and chilai process to bring about a vintage and antique mughal look and are perfect to go with any and all heavy ensembles. The miniature leaf like post is artistic and heavily detailed on the surface followed by a royal crest like motif that looks like a majestic panki like structure which has been heavily detailed with beautiful engraving chitrakari inspired by the ancient royal art.

Shipping and Return

The product will be delivered within working 7-10 days from the date of placing an order. Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged.

Joharcart Jewellery is designed to last for many years to come but all precious jewellery will naturally tarnish and look dull if proper care has not been taken. Always protect your jewellery from knocks, scratches, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold to minimize these effects.

Care Instructions

  1. Remove jewellery when showering or bathing like on the beach, in the sea and in chlorinated water.

  2. Avoid wearing jewellery when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening or exercise etc.                                                                                                                                           

  3. Never expose jewellery to household cleaning products, especially bleach and highly reactive solutions.

  4. Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray on the gemstones or pearls as it jeopardizes the integrity of the material.

  5. Remove jewellery when applying make-up, creams to avoid the residue getting into the texture or gemstone setting.

  6. Keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity.

 Please Note we are not responsible for how you wear your jewellery. Scratches and knocks are part of normal signs of everyday wear.


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