925 Silver Floral deep Maroon Stone Ring


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Product Weight :24.5 Grams
Beautifully structured and this heavily carved and unique floral style ring is going to make you stand out. This ring has been inspired by the blooming flowers and is designed & crafted in an antique and tribal style. The 925 sterling silver bauble begins with deep and polished maroon stone collections around the circular edge followed by concentric textured and engraved lines and patterns. The ring is furter charmed by a slightly domed flower that has been given a rich antique finish. Each etal of this flower has been outlined with rope textured wires intricately and further each one has a miniature engraved and embossed flower on the edge followed by a few mini rawas that make it delicate and serene. The center of this beauty has been encrusted with a deep maroon coloured cabochon.

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